Why Providing Medical Interpretation Makes Business Sense

Why Providing Medical Interpretation Makes Business Sense

Providing high-quality interpretation in your medical practice is easier than ever. Third-party providers of medical interpretation services like Intelligere offer in-clinic medical interpreters on-demand. Video conferencing and teleconferencing also make it easy to provide interpreting services to limited English proficiency (LEP) and deaf patients.

Medical providers understand the value of partnering with highly qualified medical interpreters. It improves patient care and delivers a better patient experience. But sometimes, providers find it difficult to convince their business and finance leaders that medical interpreters are worth the investment. If this describes you, here are a few talking points to share with your CFO or CEO.

Medical Interpretation Services Reduce Risk

A language barrier in the exam room is a dangerous thing. When providers don’t understand their patients, they can make errors in diagnoses or recommend ineffective or dangerous treatments. When patients don’t understand their providers, they are less likely to receive adequate care and follow through on treatment protocols, especially if instructions were given in English only.

Using highly qualified medical interpreters with LEP and deaf patients reduces or eliminates these errors, minimizing the facility’s exposure to medical malpractice risks. Qualified, certified interpreters are familiar with medical terms and have special training in patient privacy laws and rules. Unlike a friend or family member, a medical interpreter is an objective third-party who is trained not to omit, change, or euphemize information in difficult medical conversations.

Medical Interpretation Services Provide Superior Patient Experience

Every patient wants to feel heard in the doctor’s office and leave their appointments feeling like they received high-quality care and understand their next steps in regard to treatment and medications. For LEP patients and deaf patients, a medical interpreter is a vital part of their patient experience. Without one, they may feel they received inadequate care and look for another provider.

Medical Interpretation Services Expand Patient Base

But when patients have a good experience at your office, they tell their family and friends about it. Providing medical interpretation services can expand your customer base. Not only does this bring more patients into your practice, it also improves your reputation with historically underserved communities. Highly qualified medical interpreters can help you reach an entirely new group of patients.

Partnering with highly qualified medical interpreters makes sound business sense. The experts at Intelligere would love the opportunity to show you how easy it is to offer medical interpreters to your LEP and deaf patients. Contact our team today.