Vision & Value Align – Introducing Sabah Yusuf

Vision & Value Align – Introducing Sabah Yusuf

Sabah Yusuf

Partnering with qualified and trained interpreters requires an understanding of the interpreter profession, healthcare and the LEP community. Someone who embodies all of this and more is Sabah Yusuf. Sabah has been a medical interpreter for over 17 years, dedicating her career to helping the LEP community in the Twin Cities.  She joined Intelligere as an Interpreter Recruiter/ Interpreter, responsible for recruiting and selecting qualified and highly skilled interpreters. She also provides orientation and training to interpreters as they join Intelligere and helps to develop, coach and retain quality interpreters.  The following is an interview with Sabah:

Q: Why did you join Intelligere?

Sabah: The vision and values of Intelligere align with my own belief system that respect, accountability, integrity and quality are the most valuable qualities to have as people. Our patients and clients are in the center of what we do day in, day out and with that in mind you achieve more. I also love how everyone in our team matters and everyone brings a set of unique styles that makes this family and team one of a kind. Our Management relies on our team to help make decisions instead of isolating us from the process, and they lead by example.

Q: What is your vision for the interpreter profession?

Sabah: This profession is growing fast so, my vision and hope is in two years time, we are the leaders in this field with more than 100 certified interpreters. I also believe we will develop support/resources for interpreters to cope with the unexpected tragedy they can encounter in their interpreting work.

Q: What advice do you have for interpreters?

Sabah: Be professional EVERY TIME in EVERY encounter at EVERY circumstance.