Training Opportunities for Medical Interpreters

Training Opportunities for Medical Interpreters

With COVID-19 continuing to reduce the number of elective medical appointments and thus decrease the demand for high-quality medical interpreting, medical interpreters may have some time for training. Continuing education is an important part of the professional life of medical interpreters, as the health care industry is constantly changing. If you are looking for professional development opportunities, here are a few resources and upcoming events.

CCHI Webinar Series

The Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI) is the accredited, national organization that certifies medical interpreters in the United States. Professionals who complete certification through CCHI are required to complete continuing education throughout their careers. Training available through CCHI is free and available to everyone. Past topics include developing short-term memory skills, the pandemic’s impact on health care interpreters, and infection control and industry safety for interpreters.

You can learn about the CCHI webinars and register for an upcoming event on the CCHI website.

NCIHC Home for Trainers Webinar Series

The National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (NCIHC) promotes language access in the US health care system. It provides free resources on its website for medical interpreters and a free webinar series for members of the group. Many webinars in the Home for Trainers series qualifies for continuing education credits with CCHI. Past topics include interpreting during mental health encounters, sight translation, and remote interpreting.

The next Home for Trainers webinar is on Friday, October 16 at 11 am Central. You can register on the NCIHC website.

Pandemic-Specific Education

COVID-19 has touched, challenged, and changed every part of the US health care system. The pandemic has affected how interpreters work with providers and patients and the care patients receive. To help inform and inspire interpreters during this difficult time, CCHI has hosted webinars and panel discussions with health care experts. You can find the webinars on the CCHI website. Intelligere recommends the panel discussion CCHI held in May on how the pandemic will affect medical interpreting now and in the future. You can watch it on YouTube.

With medical interpreting work on hold for many, it is a good time to hone your skills. For more information on professional development for medical interpreters, contact the Intelligere team today