Training Medical Teams to Work with Interpreters

Training Medical Teams to Work with Interpreters

In 2019, the University of Iowa received a grant to fund training for medical professionals to help them learn how to collaborate with highly qualified medical interpreters. The goal of the training is to improve care and the patient experience for limited English proficient (LEP) patients in the university’s health care system. If successful, Intelligere hopes the training will become standard for all medical professionals.

Purpose of the Medical Team Training

The training for medical professionals was developed by University of Iowa Family Medicine Consultation and Research in Medical Education Director Jane L. Miller. Miller’s curriculum uses simulated health care scenarios to train medical professional on how to collaborate with medical interpreters to serve their patients better.

Leaders in the University of Iowa system believe the training will show medical care providers that interpreters do more than provide translation. A medical interpreter is a bridge between the provider and the patient, offering cultural and language insights that help the provider better understand their patient.

Training Simulates the Patient Experience

In the training, medical professionals and interpreters role play different patient care scenarios that may come up during an appointment. The interpreters have the chance to demonstrate to physicians and nurses that they are a crucial part of an LEP patient’s medical team, not simply an optional, value-added service.

Intelligere’s Take on the New Training

The medical interpreter team at Intelligere see the new University of Iowa training curriculum as a step forward in the effort to include medical interpreters as an essential part of an LEP patient’s care team. While the training is relatively new and offered at a single university, we hope the training can be rolled out to other medical schools in the Midwest and across the country. We believe it will help improve the experiences and outcomes of LEP patients.

Intelligere offers highly qualified medical interpretation in more than 60+ languages, including American Sign Language. Health care providers partner with us to ensure they provide exceptional care to patients, whatever language they speak. For more information on how we can help you serve your patients better, contact Intelligere today.