Our Sign, Our Story

Our Sign, Our Story

In the Deaf, DeafBlind, Hard-of-Hearing community it’s an honor to be given a sign name; anyone who has received one can remember that feeling of true connection to the culture. Intelligere™ had the pleasure of working with a group of Deaf individuals to invent our sign. From the perspective of a hearing interpreter, witnessing the creation of a name sign was one of the most inspiring brainstorms my eyes have seen.

We began the process by discussing Intelligere’s values: Quality, Integrity, Accountability, Respect. These values stem from the heart of one of the Deaf individuals identified. To live these values your heart must be in the right place; ergo, our sign starts at the heart.

Next, the group mulled over Intelligere’s mission, which is to be an extension of our clients’ organization by seamlessly fulfilling their language service needs, providing exceptional people experiences.

Those exceptional people experiences relate to three parties involved, the D/DB/HoH individual, the interpreter, and the client. Our sign uses the Classifier Three to represent each individual in the interpreting process.

In viewing our sign, see if you can pick out how the movement matches our logo; click on the link to watch the video. We are proud to be Intelligere, serving the signing community!