January Intelligere Connection

Bridging the Gap for Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing Individuals

As a language solutions organization, our mission is to bridge the communication gap between patient and physician. It is our responsibility to understand the needs of every patient and provide quality interpreters to assist in their medical care. For deaf individuals, finding the right interpreter or interpretation team can bring a sense of ease to the individual in what could otherwise be an emotionally challenging situation.

Deaf individuals process information differently than hearing individuals. As visual learners, they have a different way of looking at and understanding the world. The use of a Certified Deaf Interpreter (CDI) and hearing interpreter can help bridge the communication gap for prelingual deaf patients. The CDI and hearing interpreter work as a team to meet the needs of the deaf patient. In a process that resembles a message relay, the CDI transmits the message between the deaf individual and hearing interpreter. The hearing interpreter then transmits the message between the CDI and physician. While the process may seem drawn out, each interpreter receives the message in one language, processes it linguistically and culturally, and then passes it on in the appropriate communication mode. Not all patients require interpretation teams, however, patients that have been deaf their entire life, may benefit from the use of a CDI and hearing interpreter.

At Intelligere, we understand what it takes to meet the needs of every patient and our team strives to deliver the utmost quality care for all patients in every situation. To learn more about Certified Deaf Interpreters and what your organization can do to bridge the gap, visit Registry of Certified Interpreters for the Deaf.

News & Updates

National Certification
Interpreters, interested in getting Nationally Certified? We think it is of great benefit to you as an interpreter and our profession as a whole. Great news! Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters, CCHI, has offered to give a discount to Intelligere Interpreters who are eligible for National Certification.Please contact Ana Gregg for questions and registration: agregg@intelligeresolutions.com.

In the Spotlight

Luis Lugo Joins Management Team as the Vice President of Service Operations
Last month, Luis Lugo joined the Intelligere family as the Vice President of Service Operations. He has over 15 years of experience in the service industry and specializes in strategic and workforce management initiatives to improve contact center operations performance and efficiency. To learn more about Luis, click here.

Support, Tips & Tricks

Clients, do you need an interpreter, but don’t have time to call? Register to use our secure online client portal to request an interpreter, view all requested appointments, and interpreter assignments. Register now; Intelligere™ Portal Access Request Form. If you are in need of assistance please call (952) 920-6160.

Interpreters, we understand that waiting on the telephone for support isn’t always feasible. To better assist our interpreters, we’ve designated a line just for you! To speak with an Interpreter Service Representative, please call (952) 351-9100.

Upcoming Events

The Interpreter Advantage (TIA)
Intelligere Solutions; January 28 – 29, February 3-5
TIA is a 40-hour interpreter professional training program that provides in-depth training on how to master the knowledge, skills, and aptitudes needed for national certification exams. The training course includes the Language Proficiency ACTFL test and costs just $500. It’s not too late to sign up. Take the next step in your interpreting career and join us at TIA. Please contact Ana Gregg, Director of Interpreter Management, for more information.agregg@intelligeresolutions.com

Minneapolis Interpreter Support Group
Whittier Clinic, January 21 9:00am-11:00am
This workshop will include education related to stress and self-care as well as dedicated time to support each other, ask questions, and share experiences. Attend to receive support, learn something new, or to support others!
Pre-register today at http://umtia.org/educational-events/

IMIA: Sight Translation
Online Webinar, January 26 4:30pm
This presentation is designed to guide interpreters on how to deal with requests to sight translate in medical settings. The webinar will provide interpreters with the following skills:

  • Define sight translation and how it differs from translation and interpreting
  • Understand what skills need to be developed in order to be proficient at sight translation
  • Recognize what type of documents can be sight translated and what type of documents should be translated in advance
  • Identify some common sight translation errors
  • Find ongoing learning resources to master the skills to perform successful sight translations

For more information and registration, click here.

Pharmacology: terminology, side effects and adherence
Online webinar February 7, 12:00PM CST
This presentation is designed to familiarize interpreters with most common pharmacology vocabulary, the most frequent side effects discussed in clinic and hospital settings, and how to address and discuss issues of adherence.
Click here to register.

Industry Resources

– Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters:
– Deaf Health: http://deafhealth.org/
– Weaving Cultures LLC: 
– National Council on Interpreting in Health Care: 


At Intelligere, it’s our business to understand! Please submit any questions, comments or feedback to info@intelligeresolutions.com. We’d love to hear from you!