February Intelligere Connection

Intelligere’s Commitment to the Triple Aim

As a language solutions partner dedicated to the healthcare industry, Intelligere is committed to ensuring that our services align with all healthcare organizations’ efforts to meet their Triple Aim goals for the Limited English Proficient, Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard-of-Hearing patient populations.

Intelligere understands that quality language services are a core component to achieve the Triple Aim goals. We are committed to building a strong infrastructure focused on high quality in every aspect of the services we provide to our clients and patients. Our full suite of language services includes in-person interpreting, over the phone interpreting (OPI), Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), and document translation.

In 2017, we will continue to promote the growth and development of our interpreters to provide quality language services to the communities we serve.  We are building a strong, client centric efficient best-in-class service team to deliver outstanding service for both clients and patients.

We understand that by providing high quality language services we enhance the ability of our healthcare partners to communicate appropriately with their patients and clients, which enables patients and their families to clearly understand their medical care. Thus, improving their health outcomes, increasing their satisfaction with their medical care experience, and reducing the cost of their overall healthcare.

We invite our interpreters and clients to provide feedback and ideas on how we can build a stronger partnership to strengthen our commitment to the Triple Aim.

News & Updates

‘A dangerous conversation: Medical interpreters need extra training to help dying patients When there is a language or culture gap, interactions between patient and physician become much more difficult. Both sides can fail to recognize importance nuances, such as body language, variations in the meaning of words, and emotions. Healthcare professionals need the assistance of interpreters to help them overcome language barriers and navigate cultural differences and interpreters are even more indispensable during a patient’s dying days.

Healthcare specialists have noted that interpreters need more training when it comes to palliative and hospice care. It is a practice that requires interpreters to dig deeper into explanation because most of the communication does not translate across languages.

Intelligere encourages our interpreters to take part in Health Care Interpreter Network online training courses to practice concepts and vocabulary related to these difficult points. To learn more about ‘a dangerous conversation, click here.

In the Spotlight

Bee Vang joins Intelligere Certified quality interpreters are the center of our organization. We stand by our commitment to provide best-in-class trained professionals for our clients and believe that our success starts from within our leadership team. Bee Vang has been a medical interpreter for over 24 years. She joined Intelligere as a Talent Acquisition Specialist, responsible for recruiting and selecting qualified and highly skilled interpreters. She has a passion for the interpreting industry, actively seeks out training opportunities to improve the quality of service she provides, and enjoys giving back to the community by helping bridge the gap between providers and patients. The following is an interview with Bee:

Q: Why did you join Intelligere?

Bee: I came on board with Intelligere because of the organization’s commitment to improve the interpreting industry and profession. I appreciate the company’s acknowledgement of interpreters who are committed to making a difference in their own profession. I’m an interpreter myself and see that Intelligere is finding ways to advance interpreter skills by providing training and educational opportunities.

Intelligere is about Quality, Respect, Accountability, Team Work, and Integrity. Intelligere strives for success and that is a team I want to be a part of.  Read more about Bee Vang.

Support, Tips & Tricks

Quality Assurance Intelligere is committed to providing best-in-class service and experience to our clients and interpreters, alike. As part of that commitment, we realize that having a robust Quality Assurance program is critical in the delivery of our service. Intelligere has now made it easier for our clients to provide us with valuable feedback on how we’re doing on our promise of unmatched quality and service.

Please email any feedback or concerns regarding service issues to Quality@intelligeresolutions.com.

Upcoming Events

Sight Translation Intelligere; February 25 9:00am-1:00PMAs healthcare interpreters, you come across the need to assist patients with completion of intake forms, health history forms, and medical questionnaires in order for the patient to have access to healthcare. Intelligere understands that medical interpreters play a vital role in assisting patients complete these forms. We understand that sight translation is the least trained area in the field even when it is extremely crucial in the medical setting. Therefore, Intelligere is committed to bringing you opportunities to learn and to improve your sight translation skills in the healthcare setting. Intelligere has offered scholarships to cover the cost for 25 interpreters enrolled in the course. Registration for this course if full. Contact Ana Gregg if you are interested in registering for our April session: agregg@intelligeresolutions.com

Introduction to Genetics, Oncology and Cancer Genetics Hennepin County Medical Center; Saturday, March 11 8:30am-1:00pm Genetics and genetic counseling encounters present tremendous challenges for healthcare interpreters. Highly technical vocabulary and complex medical concepts often make it difficult for many interpreters to understand, much less accurately convey what genetic counselors are saying. To help genetic counselors communicate more effectively with their patients, veteran interpreter trainer Cindy Roat and UCSF anthropologist Dr. Galen Joseph have teamed up to create a new curriculum to prepare interpreters for cancer genetic counseling sessions. Click here to register today.

Louie Anderson Signing In The Metropolitan Ballroom; Sunday, March 12 6:00pm-9:00pm The evening will begin with an opportunity to sample food from several different local restaurants followed by an up close and personal performance by Louie Anderson, a Minnesota native. Louie is one of the country’s most recognized and adored comics; named by Comedy Central as One of 100 Greatest Stand-Up Comedians of All Time. All proceeds will benefit Metro Deaf School and its specialized programming. Buy your tickets here.

Fraser Certification Fraser Bloomington; March 22 10:00am-12:00pm Have you wanted to work at Fraser, but missed the opportunity due to not receiving your certification? You’re in luck! Fraser is offering training for all interpreters to become Fraser Certified. Stay tuned for reservation details. Contact Caitlin Dinneen to register: Caitlin.Dinneen@fraser.org

MRID Spring Conference House of Comedy, Mall of America; March 24-26Three days of advanced medical interpreting workshops. Click here to register today!

Mental Health Training Intelligere; March 25 It is impossible to provide high quality mental health services without excellent communication between mental health staff and clients, especially if we consider the setting complexity and its high stakes. Highly qualified, well-trained, and well-briefed interpreters are called upon to bridge the gap between mental health workers and patients when they do not speak the same language. This workshop will address the need of having ongoing advanced mental health training for interpreters.

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