Fall in Love with Video Remote Interpreting

Fall in Love with Video Remote Interpreting

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Video medical interpreting has boomed in the last 12 months, as the pandemic has proved how useful and effective this technology can be. Whether you practice medicine in a rural area or run a busy clinic in a diverse city neighborhood, incorporating video remote interpreting (VRI) into your practice can help you deliver high-quality medical interpreting to your limited English proficient (LEP) patients.

Video Remote Interpreting Helps You Serve All Patients

The number-one benefit of incorporating VRI into your medical practice is that it improves your quality of care. If you are not able to effectively communicate with your LEP patients regarding their diagnoses and treatment plans, you are at greater risk of making a misdiagnosis, and your patients are less likely to be able to follow through on their treatment plans.

Video remote interpreting makes it easy and safe for you to provide high-quality medical interpreting services to your patients. Intelligere offers video interpreting services in more than 60 languages, including Spanish, American Sign Language, and languages that are typically difficult to support. Our video interpreters have health care and HIPAA expertise and are comfortable working in a medical setting where patient privacy is paramount.

Video Remote Interpreting Is Easy to Access

With Intelligere, connecting with a medical interpreter over video conference is easy. Our highly qualified interpreters are comfortable on a variety of video conferencing platforms, including Zoom. To get connected to one of our interpreters, request services through our website.

Video Interpreting Best Practices

While most agree in-person interpreting is preferred by LEPs and clinicians, sometimes there are last minute changes that make securing an in-person interpreter difficult; or, you need to secure an interpreter immediately and there is no time for an interpreter to get to your location. Or, you have many cases where you need an interpreter and the same time during the day.  Video interpreting is a great alternative that can increase the likelihood of your patient being seen when things are not working out exactly as planned.  Let your Intelligere scheduler know that Video or over the phone interpreting is an option if there are last minute changes, and many times we can still make sure the patient is seen.

Video interpreting makes it easier than ever for medical professionals to provide outstanding care to their LEP patients. To integrate video medical interpreting at your practice, contact the Intelligere team today.