Document Translation

Inform in All Languages

Schools, health care facilities, and other institutions that serve the public are often required to provide documents in the languages spoken in their communities. These documents must be translated thoroughly and accurately so everyone has access to the information they need. Intelligere helps organizations inform their patients, students, and the public in all languages. Our certified translators are experienced in translating the complex into hundreds of languages. Our expert team can fulfill requests within two to seven business days, with rush service available.

Professional Translation in All Languages

The Intelligere team provides professional document translation in all languages. Commonly requested languages include Arabic, Hmong, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Somali, Spanish, and Vietnamese. Our documents translators are 100 percent certified.

Health Care Expertise

The Intelligere translation team has special expertise in translating healthcare-related documents, including discharge instructions, patient forms, health pamphlets, and more to help you stay HIPAA Compliant.

Expedited Process

When patient care is on the line, document translation cannot wait a week or two. Intelligere completes most translations within two to seven days, with a rush and same-day translations available. To expedite our services, Intelligere delivers translation through a single point of contact.

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