Discover the Intelligere Difference

Discover the Intelligere Difference

When medical professionals choose a medical interpreter, they need to know they are working with a highly qualified professional who has experience working in a health care environment. Intelligere has served the medical community since 1979. Our team has been partnering with providers longer than any other interpreting service in Minnesota. We’ve learned a lot along the way, and this continuous improvement is why so many providers trust us with their patients. Here’s a look at what makes Intelligere different.

High-Quality Services from Highly Qualified Experts

Intelligere’s interpreters are fluent in more than 100 languages, including 22 rare and exotic languages, with an emphasis on African languages and rare dialects. Our highly qualified professionals also offer ASL, and we have a 99 percent fill rate for ASL interpretation in the Twin Cities metro area.

Expertise in the Health Care Industry

Did you know that more than 90 percent of all interpreting jobs are in the health care industry? Health care providers are required by law to provide medical interpreting for their limited English speaking patients.

Interpreting in a medical setting presents challenges for interpreters, from being fluent in medical terminology to interpreting through some tough, personal conversations to understanding HIPAA regulations. Intelligere interpreters have a deep understanding of their role and responsibilities in a medical setting and can provide high-quality medical interpretation for a single appointment or throughout a patient’s entire care plan.

Flexibility to Meet Your Interpreting Needs

With decades of experience serving medical professionals, the Intelligere team understands the needs of health care providers and their patients. We can meet urgent needs with same-day and emergency appointments. And since our interpreters cover more than 100 languages, Intelligere allows you to cover all of your interpreting needs from a single partner you trust.

Cultural Sensitivity

Cultural relevance and sensitivity is vitally important when interpreting. Intelligere provides cultural training for all interpreters to ensure patients and providers receive a high-quality, culturally relevant experience every time. Our leadership regularly participates on Community Advisory Boards to guide our vision and ensure we continue to develop high-quality, culturally relevant solutions for our clients.

Commitment to the Community

As members of several professional groups, including the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, and the Interpreting Stakeholders Group, the Intelligere team is attuned to the needs of our different communities, including changes in language, education, and trends. We support community events, such as Operation Eyesight and food drives, that connects our team to the community even further.

Intelligere can help you close the communication gap between your team and your patients. To work with a trusted partner, contact the Intelligere team today