Graduation to Certification: Expanding the Quality and Quantity of Certified American Sign Language Interpreters

Despite the increase of postsecondary Interpreter Education Programs, the number of graduates able to achieve the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) National Interpreter Certification the minimum credential standard for professional interpreters is declining. Numerous studies have documented the school to work gap for novice interpreters. The absence of certified interpreters who are prepared […]

Propio Aquires Intelligere

We are excited to announce that effective December 31, 2021, Intelligere has been acquired, along with ARCH Language Network, by Kansas City-based Propio Language Services. Propio offers a full suite of remote and in-person interpretation, as well as written translation and localization services in over 200 languages, leveraging a qualified interpreter network of over 6,000 […]

Is Your Hospital Compliant with These Five Language Interpretation Requirements?

The Joint Commission is the primary accrediting organization of US hospitals. Their rules and regulations ensure a high quality of care for patients across the country. The Joint Commission assesses hospitals on their language interpretation services. Here are a few of the items Joint Commission surveyors look for when they evaluate hospitals. Is your hospital […]

How to Make the Most of Your Remote Medical Interpreting Experience

When most people think of medical interpreting, they imagine a physician, patient, and interpreter in an exam room, speaking face-to-face. In many instances, this is the case. But it’s becoming more common for providers and patients to request remote interpreting. In rural areas or regions with limited interpreter resources, video remote interpreting (VRI) may be […]

What Medical Interpreters Need to Know about HIPAA

Medical interpreters play crucial roles in patient care, whether they interact with patients in a hospital room, clinic, or assisted living facility. While they work closely with physicians and other medical providers, they are not medical personnel. So, does HIPAA apply to medical interpreters? YES. “HIPAA” stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. […]

3 Things Providers Can Do to Make Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Patients Comfortable in the Exam Room and achieve the best outcome

Every physician and medical provider wants to make their patients comfortable in the exam room. When patients are comfortable, they can concentrate on the information their providers are sharing with them about their health. For patients with limited English proficiency, a visit to the doctor’s office can be uncomfortable and even stressful. Here are three […]

The Case for Medical Interpreters

Jazmin Manjarrez knew something wasn’t quite right. She was interpreting between a patient’s family and their mother’s doctor. The physician had told the family their mother was not a good candidate for a liver transplant. The family’s body language betrayed their anger and frustration. Those weren’t typical reactions for this type of news. Manjarrez realized […]

Understanding Sight Translation

As a language solutions organization, Intelligere understands the increased request for sight translation as Limited English Proficiency (LEP) populations continue to grow and regulations require many of the written information materials provided in healthcare facilities be professionally translated for proper communication with these communities. Interpreters understand they play a role in helping with this process […]

Our Commitment to Bridge the Communication Gap

On July 15, we announced the launch of IntelligereTM and our commitment to transform the language services industry. With a healthcare focus, we understand the importance of partnering with qualified and trained professional interpreters to bridge the communication gap, uphold quality of care and improve the overall experience for patients. In our declaration to provide […]

Understanding Our Impact on Community Health

Intelligere is the Latin word for “understand” which is the core of our brand promise to you. As a language solutions organization, Intelligere understands the crucial role that quality interpreter services play in improving Limited English Proficient and Deaf, DeafBlind, & Hard of Hearing communities’ access to healthcare services and their health outcomes. We understand […]