An Introduction to Virtual Interpreting

An Introduction to Virtual Interpreting

As more providers offer telehealth appointments to reduce in-person visits at their clinic and improve access to care, the demand for virtual interpreting has increased. Video conference tools have made it easier than ever to provide high-quality medical interpreting services for limited English proficient (LEP) patients.

If telehealth and virtual medical visits are new to your clinic, take a moment to learn how easy it is to integrate interpreting services into your telehealth offerings.

Over-the-Phone Interpreting: A Tried and True Option

Over-the-phone, or OPI, medical interpreting, has been a convenient option for many years. In this mode of virtual interpreting, interpreters are conference called into a patient’s appointment. Over-the-phone interpreting is an easy way to offer medical interpreting services at in-person appointments as well as virtual ones.

Accessing OPI medical interpreting is easy with Intelligere. Our highly qualified medical interpreters speak more than 200 languages and are available on-demand 24/7. They have special expertise working in health care environments and are well-versed in HIPAA rules and regulations. You can request an OPI interpreter through our website.

Video Remote Interpreting: Simple and Effective

It seems like everyone these days is meeting virtually on Zoom or another video conferencing platform, and health care and medical interpreters are no different. Video remote interpreting (VRI) allows you to offer another layer of care at your virtual medical appointments. If you are in a rural area, VRI is a wonderful option for LEP patients.

Intelligere offers VRI services in more than 60 languages, including languages that are typically hard to support. Our Spanish and American Sign Language interpreters are available 24/7. Like our OTP interpreters, the interpreters who offer VRI services have health care and HIPAA expertise.

Virtual interpreting is a growing service for providers who want to ensure all of their patients receive optimal care. To learn more about virtual interpreting or to access interpreting services for your practice, contact Intelligere today.